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 Requirement: Android 1.5 (Cupcake)



A game for Android mobiles. Inspired by "RoboLogic" for the iPhone.

Program your little Android to find its way out of the maze. The program consists out of simple commands like "move forward","turn left",...

Program storage is limited to 10 commands. But you can also use Sub-Programs A and B with 5 commands each. Also recursive calls are possible, but be careful, that poor android does not get into an endless loop...



Quick Guide:

Each level starts with an empty program. Drag the commands from the bottom line up to your Program. If you think your program is finished click on the yellow “Play” button. If all red squares are reached you get into the next level. Otherwise you can press the “Stop” button and change your program.

There are three different level sets: “Easy”, “Medium”, “Hard”

Each level set has its own highscores.

If you are interested in designing your own level set use the level editor. If you are finished with your level design send your levels via email to other persons. The attached file “levelset.andmaz” can be opened from google mail using the “preview” button. You get into the level editor. Press “Test” to run the level. If you send your levels to me I can add some to the standard ones. The game contains not so many levels, so please send me your designs.

Try downloading this example and opening it with AndroMaze.


How to install:

The apk file can be installed on your android phone using package installer. There are a lot of different ways how to do this, I do it the following way:
1.) Install the "Apps Installer" from the market.
2.) Allow unknown-sources (non-market) in the application settings.
3.) Copy the AndroMaze.apk file into your sdcard (e.g. to the /sdcard/download folder)
4.) Start "Apps Installer"
4.a) scroll to the entry "AndroMaze" and follow the dialog


Bugs, Feedback:

Any help is welcome, use the Help Forum or just drop a email to me:

 Ferenc Hechler